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Options to Consider for a Breast Augmentation.

Women of any age can have an augmentation, to increase the size or improve the shape of their bust.

In the attached article (Your Breast. Your Option.) Dr. Kassabian spoke about the texture and shape for the types of implants available. In this blog, we will examine the placement and incision options.


Sub-glandular breast augmentation is where the implant is placed just below the breast tissue or under the pectoralis muscle of the chest. This method is often used in women who are quite thin and lacking in breast tissue. This tends to soften the edge of the implant so it is not obvious.

Placement of an implant above the muscle is better for curvier, fleshier patients.

Sometimes dual plane placement is where implants are inserted partly under the breast and partly under the muscle. They are preferred in cases where there is mild sagging of the breasts. An advantage of this technique is that positioning the upper half of the implant under the muscle helps to hide the obvious “step” at the top of the implant, especially in a woman with thin tissue coverage.


Most commonly breast implants are inserted through the natural crease under the breast. An incision of 3-5cm is made and the scar remains hidden under the breast.

Another option is a periareolar incision is made half way around the nipple. The resulting scar is virtually undetectable, but if you’ve not finished having your family, this technique may interfere with breast feeding.

For the best possible options, speak with your surgeon to better understand what is available for you specifically.  For more information or for a personal consultation with board certified plastic surgeon & expert injector, Dr. Garo Kassabian, call 310-285-0400 or visit

The Better Butt Lift

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The Invisible Bra

Dr. Kassabian is an expert in all plastic surgery but one of his signature procedures is the Invisible Bra Lift. The Invisible Bra Lift is a procedure that repositions the nipple and tightens the skin as one would with a traditional breast lift but what makes the Invisible Lift different is that already existing breast tissue is used to contour and lift. According to recent research by the ASPS (American Society of Plastic Surgeons) the popularity of breast lifts has increased by 70% since 2000. This means that “breast lifts are outpacing breast implants two-to-one” and a majority of the women opting for the procedure are between 30-54 years old.

The Scarless Facelift

Also known as a scarless facelift or mid face suspension, the results of this procedure are unmatched and patients are left with no visible scarring. This is not a pulling procedure, this is a true lifting procedure.

Mid face rejuvenation is ideal for those who are having signs of aging around the eye and cheek area as this procedure reduces the distance between the lower eyelid and the top of the cheek, re-directs the tear trough from a diagonal to a more youthful horizontal direction. It also reduces prominent nasal labial folds (1). The brow line can be lifted in the same manner to further contribute to a more youthful appearance.

Instead of pulling the face as in a traditional facelift, the mid face suspension uses volumetric augmentation, meaning the cheeks are lifted not stretched, to achieve a fresher appearance (2). This is a convenient and less drastic alternative to a traditional facelift.

The reason for no visible scarring is the small incisions are made inside the mouth and above the hairline. The endoscopic approach is significantly less invasive which results in a shorter recovery period and involves fewer risks. This procedure does not remove loose skin, but can be combined with a neck lift or eye lift, tailored to each patient’s needs. If you feel as though your face is looking tired or your skin is beginning to sag but you’re not ready to go under the knife, the mid facelift may be just what you need.

Typical candidates are in their 20′s to 50’s who feel as though their cheeks have dropped and begun to flatten. The results are subtler than a traditional facelift so it is important to be informed on how the procedure can and cannot correct various cosmetic problems.

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